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About me

Gitte Skov's illustrations have a zest and bite all her own, recognizable in the immediate spontaneity of her distinctive style.

The rugged outline of many of her drawings have the quality of Scandinavian simplicity - always with a twist and carrying a long tale of afterthoughts.

The illustrations presented here have all been created under the strict demands and deadlines in the world of the press/media and therefore carries the halmark of immediacy and freshness

Her drawings usually accompany articles in newspapers and periodicals of various subjects, have a natural autonomy as poetic and humourous commentaries on the tug and toil of daily life. Science, technology, bureaucracy and politics is naturally connected to the ordinary life of the individual when Gitte draws her lines.

Outlining everything in pencil and photoshoping the finishing touch, her style is unique and recognizable, although she masters a broad range of techniques and final expressions.

She is her own artdirector and working from home in Copenhagen. With the Danish mastiff, Frigg, patiently at her feet and the parakeet biting her pen for attention, she spends her time creating sharp and humorous editorial cartoons for Weekendavisen (a Danish newspaper) and illustrations for magazines, periodicals, books, posters.

The full video of the pencileating parakeet can be seen here.